Training Program Overview : Train the Trainer Programme

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The Training Programme consists of TWO modules:

Module 1 – Training Needs Identification & Design (6N3325)

  • Adult learning theory
  • Organisational context for training and development
  • The benefits of a Training Needs Analysis
  • The stages involved in conducting a TNA
  • TNA techniques and approaches
  • Assess TNA outcomes in terms of attitudes, knowledge and skills
  • Instructional System Design Models (ISD)
  • Design and create Training Plans, Content and Learning Materials.

Learning Objectives – At the end of Module 1, learners will be able to:

  • Identify and assess the principles of adult learning
  • Justify the purpose for training and development in the workplace
  • Describe the Training Needs Analysis process and review a selection of TNA Models
  • Select a TNA model and implement an effective TNA process in an organisation of their choice
  • Write training objectives based on learner and organisational needs, including a cost benefit analysis
  • Design and create a range of relevant training plans and learning materials

Module 2 – Training Delivery and Evaluation (6N3326)

  • The key functions and competences of the trainer / facilitator
  • Learning Theories / methodologies
  • Equality/Diversity/Group Dynamics
  • Preparing for training delivery
  • Managing your mental and emotional states
  • Training delivery skills and practice
  • Evaluation Models and Techniques
  • Delivery of constructive Feedback

Learning Objectives – At the end of Module 2, learners will be able to:

  • Describe the key functions and competences of the trainer
  • Outline the main elements involved in preparing for effective training delivery
  • Demonstrate the essential skills needed for effective delivery of training programmes
  • Justify the important role of assessment in the learning process and create an appropriate assessment tool
  • Explain the importance of evaluating the training / learning process
  • Select and describe a range of evaluation models
  • Design an appropriate evaluation tool for their skills demonstration training session