Course Syllabus : NLP Training

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Verbal and non-verbal communication.

Building rapport, influencing people and effecting change.

Language – Milton language, Meta model, Metaphor.

Develop Well-Formed Outcomes.

Strategies – Remove unhelpful behaviours / habits and replace them with more effective/productive ones.

Managing your mental and emotional state.

Anchoring – collapsing, stacking, chaining.

Belief change format – Discover the power of unconscious limiting beliefs.

Phobia cure – Remove fears and phobias – experience new freedoms.

Eye Patterns.

Representational systems.


NLP epistemology.

Perceptual positions.


Meta Programmes.

Time line formats.

Involuntary signals.

N step reframe – Generate new behaviours.

Parts integration – Easily make decisions that were difficult in the past.

The process of modelling.

Ethical practice for NLP practitioners.


Content versus process models.