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Personal, Professional & Business   NLP Programme

Personal, Professional Business NLP offers you tools for creating change – facilitating more choices about your behaviour and emotions, enhancing your communication and relationships and developing new ways of thinking. The application of NLP techniques will embed lasting, empowering life skills for you.

Dates: June 2,3,4, 23, 24,25

Venue: Mallow ———— Cost:– €975 (including VAT)

Trainer: Elizabeth Garry Brosnan Master Practitioner and Certified NLP Trainer

Schedule: Start time   – 9.30am           Finish time  – 5pm

Total Days   6

For more information:
CONTACT: Elizabeth Garry Brosnan 0868037712

“Curiosity brought me to this course; a new perspective on choice and possibilities held me there and a more urgent curiosity has brought me back. I feel tuned in and tuned up at a new level. A truly wonderful experience”.
Mary Beary  People Sense/ Career Sense, Co. Kerry

“This programme has heightened awareness of myself, my interaction with friends, family and work colleagues. I feel resourced to explore possibilities, make effective choices and implement them”
Mary McGuane    Learning Support Teacher, Co. Clare

NLP will support you to:

    • · Behavioural Change – Re-programme your self to allow you overcome limitations in any area of life
    • · Develop powerful communication, influence gracefully and break limiting beliefs
    • · Develop insights into how you think and create your results and develop strategies for success
    • · Learn how to deal with your past and future differently
    • · Acquire techniques that develop and maintain effective emotional and mental states
    • · Discover the link between thoughts, emotions and behaviour
    • · Understand habits and behaviour patterns
    • · Learn how to develop anchors that will lead you to successful outcomes

You will learn how to:

    • · Increase your confidence and motivation
    • · Make more effective decisions
    • · Build and maintain better rapport
    • · Master your emotional states
    • · Influence key people
    • · Increase your credibility and charisma
    • · Tune up your senses so that you will listen and communicate more effectively
    • · Overcome your fears and unhelpful habits
    • · Develop brilliant coaching skills
“This NLP course gives added value and techniques to the counselling process”
Liam Herlihy, Counsellor, Cork

Why Train with CoachAcademy PLUS?

You will receive personal individual facilitation and supervision as we have a high trainer to participant ratio.

We focus on your challenges and concerns – our programmes are highly practical so you can apply the techniques immediately to create positive change for yourself and others.

CoachAcademy PLUS has experience of working with people from all sectors and at all levels within the public and private sectors.

We deliver results, which are reflected by participants’ increased confidence, enthusiasm, motivation and ability both in their Personal, Professional and Business life.

Our training programmes are interactive, memorable and a fun experience that will provide you with practical and relevant tools to support and resource you with your professional and personal goals and challenges.

“I don’t think I have been to any other training classes where a heightened level of learning exists within such a positive open environment – despite all the different personalities and learning styles in the room!!”
Mike McGrath, Course participant

“A very insightful course on NLP. I would recommend this course as I feel the content is universally applicable across all industries and sectors and even solely for personal development. Thank you Elizabeth, I am so impressed by the way you delivered the course and the materials I am left to study and review”.
Tracy Aspel, Can Do Coaching, Limerick

For more information:

CONTACT: Elizabeth Garry Brosnan  0868037712