Who we are

Noel Brosnan M. Phil., OMAC., SECI. Noel is a senior coach and trainer. He coaches senior and middle managers/ leaders across a broad range of sectors, including financial, pharmaceutical and education. Company directors and business owners are also among his client list.

As a trainer Noel brings energy, enthusiasm, humour and over twenty years of experience to his coach training programmes. He has a particular interest in mentoring newly qualified coaches to develop their coaching practice.

Noel has a passionate interest in leadership and business management. His coaching career is inspired by a mission to empower people to embrace change, enjoy life and live it to the full.

Noel completed his Masters Degree on Philosophy in Trinity College Dublin, specialising in Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution. Noel enjoys the variety and challenge his work presents and is committed to developing and increasing the quality of coaching in Ireland


Elizabeth Garry Brosnan M.A., Dip. Ad. St., OMAC. Elizabeth is a Life and Business Coach and NLP Master Practitioner and trainer. She combines her years of experience of training, facilitation and coaching to help people succeed. Her intuitive approach and dynamic style make Elizabeth a very popular NLP coach and coach trainer, NLP trainer, and Supervisor across a range of professions. Elizabeth coaches chief executives, leaders, individuals and teams. Many organisations invite Elizabeth to facilitate their review and planning processes. Her clients include people from business, health, education, youth and community sectors.

Elizabeth completed her Masters degree in Youth and Community studies at Brunel University, London and her Diploma in Counseling at Trinity College, Dublin. She is a qualified NLP Master Practitioner and trainer is currently studying for a Masters degree in Supervisory Practice. Elizabeth has a passion for helping people to live their best life and reach their full potential using the tools and skills of coaching and NLP.